Monday, 19 November 2012

Project Pompino Finito

Well that's it then the pompino is pretty much finished. It's probably going to be marmite to some as "cool" bikes these days seem to be very understated with black everything and a collar & cuffs approach to component choice. The only matching components are the Thomson stem & seat post binder and KCNC red chain ring bolts & red cable outer end ferrules, Cane Creek brake levers.

Spec list
On One pompino frame
Shimano PRO full carbon fork
Stans Alpha 340 rims,28 f&r black Sapin double butted spokes, red nipples on black Goldtec track hubs
Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres
FSA carbon pro crankset
Goldtec 38t chain ring, red KCNC chain ring bolts
YBN superlight hollow pin slotted plate 1/8 track chain with KCNC half link connector
Red 18t White Industries ENO freewheel
Look Quartz pedals
Red Chris King Sotte Voce headset
TRP euroX magnesium Ti cantilever brake set with kool stop salmon pads
Goodridge brake cable outer & KCNC red ferrules
Thomson 100mm 0 rise stem
Thomson seat post binder
Planet X Strada compact light triple butted bar
Cane Creek SCR-5C brake levers
Cane Creek carbon cross top levers
Easton cork bar tape
eXotic carbon seat post
Flite XC ti saddle
Pauls funky monkey cable hanger

I'm very pleased with it but I haven't been able to give it a good ride yet as it looks like I will have to get the head tube faced because the Chris King headset is a right old pain in the arse to get set up, everything has to be perfect, at one point I was close to binning it ! The bearing cap/griplock will not sit flush creating a gap at the back  which results in the headset coming loose. I thought it was the cable hanger at first, which resulted in me buying the extravagant at £40, Pauls funky monkey cable hanger.  It was designed to work with the CK headset but I still had the problem so I will get head tube faced and if that doesn't work god knows what I shall do. I've always lusted after a CK headset but if I had known that they were so finicky to set up I would probably gone for something else, I might still if the facing doesn't work. On the CK website they recommend facing your stem but I would hope that a Thomson wouldn't need it.

The wheels feel lovely and light, tubeless definitely feels different and takes a bit of getting used too as this is my first time riding tubeless, almost feeling like having to learn how to ride again. The squirmy feeling is a bit weird so I have put some extra psi in till I can do some proper testing with pressures. I have gone with 28 spokes f&r and only time will tell if this was a mistake, like I said I've not had chance to go off road with them  and test their stiffness yet.

The brake set is proper bling with magnesium & Ti used in the materials-enough said !

The White Industries freewheel is a big difference to the shimano piece and ooze's quality. Now you can hear me coming from a mile away, sounding like a swarm of mechanical bees so hopefully I won't be getting the dirty looks you get sometimes when you approach deaf walkers from behind.

So that's it then project pompino finito,  it's a damn site lighter than when I started it's makeover though I don't know it's all up weight yet but I can't see where I could make it much lighter apart from maybe the crank set and going really mad on it with Ti everything . It pretty much matches the original picture I had in my head so I'm happy to leave it at that and start thrashing it which is what it's designed for....


  1. Hate marmite but love this! Good going David, looking forward to hear how it rides.

  2. Awesome looking ride! Thinking about buying a Pompino to build into a tourer to replace my current steel frame. Another cracking frame from On One :-)

    1. Thanks Tim, I bought the pompino has a cheap way to keep riding after my On One inbred was stolen as I couldn't afford to replace it at the time and have never looked back and thought I wish I was riding this on my mtb. It's a cracking little bike, a real jack of all trades and I wouldn't hesitate for one second to recommend it. I don't think I have ever read anything bad about them and have read several posts by people saying that it's the only bike they ever regretted selling.

      Go on you won't regret it i'm sure

  3. Thanks Jez, glad you like it, got there in the end. It's pretty much how I had imagined it when I first started it. It's been a labour of love only being able to upgrade as funds allow but after a good clear out I could get the job done. It's been a bumpy road as it seems if it could go wrong it did go wrong, and still is with CK headset, but fingers crossed facing the head tube will fix this...

  4. That certainly looks like a really nice ride David...Very impressed with the work that you have put into this....
    By the way I have now joined you as a follower and would like to invite you to do the same over at my own blog at
    I have been catching up on your previous posts and look forward to reading more in the future..

    1. Thanks for your kind remarks Trevor, I have followed you back and it's a great blog, also chapeau on your mileage over 10000 for year so far is bloody good going ! Well done Trevor !
      Thanks for following..

  5. Well done mate, a good job well done and it does look quality. I'll be interested to see if getting the head tube faced will allow the Chris King headset to sit properly. Also top review on the parts and previous posts documenting the build. kudos to u!

    1. Thanks Mark, fingers crossed for the facing ?